Are Big Companies Better at Hitting a Moving Target?

How do you invest in the future when revenues, expenses, and costs are swinging so wildly that it is difficult to even determine where they are today? Underwriting investments has perhaps never been harder than today because revenue and cost assumptions have never been more unpredictable. Housing executives are learning to hit a moving target, […]

Investing Abroad?

Over the last decade we’ve encountered a host of opportunities to acquire various assets in multiple countries.  The acquisition process as well as the assets all came with their own unique set of circumstances and conditions rendering buying most of them less desirable. One thing was certain for us, if we did not have previous […]

Putting Your DIY Skills to Work

The 20+ year decline in DIY activity appears to have ended. Today, DIY projects per household are 46% lower than they were in the 1990s, leaving significant room for growth. We believe a rebound is underway in DIY. COVID-19 dramatically shifted the remodeling business, as young adults couped up in their home without professional help […]

Cost Components Of Buying Real Estate

Purchasing investment real estate anywhere on the surface certainly seems easy. I mean how hard can it be, find an agent, tell them what you want and then buy it right?  Well before you hire that agent at home or abroad here’s a breakdown of items you will need to consider the extent of which […]

Midway Through 2021 – Where Are We Now?

Difficult to believe we’re already at the halfway point of the year! As is typical when our nation and the world for that matter is in a state of economic flux, every prognosticator, economist, media outlet and pundit paint a not so pleasant picture of the state of the union.  I joke with our Chief […]


As the country continues to relax restrictions that were put in place to mitigate the spread and impact of COVID-19, many mortgage lenders are wary of a potential flood of bankruptcy filings that are looming on the horizon. The actual extent of the filings to come, as well as which sector will experience the greatest […]

The Reg A Fund Leveling The Playing Field

Unlike publicly traded real estate offerings, Reg A funds are illiquid investments where investors should expect to have their money locked up for years or face substantial fees to withdraw. Management team expertise is a major factor when making an investment, that is even more true with Regulation A funds as they are turn-key meaning […]

Green Card Not Required To Buy Property In The US

One of the best places to invest in real estate is the United States. With its economic growth, stability, and regulatory environment, investing in the US housing market can be a very lucrative venture. The good news is that the conditions are also friendly to a foreigner buying rental property in the US. Foreign investors […]

Book Review: Manual For Living

This week we feature a review by friend and coach James Clear of the classic Manual for Living by Epictetus Quick Summary: Some things are in your power and some are not do not confuse the two and do not desire the things that are not in your power. It is our opinion of things […]