HIS Capital Partnership with US Hunger

Real Estate is a timeless wealth generator and has played a significant role in the world’s history and continues to do so in our daily lives. Our core mission @ HIS Capital Group is to influence and feed nations. Real estate investing fuels our purpose & provides us with the resources we need to make […]

Semi-Custom Homes: Affordable Luxury

Real estate is local and expanding your business into new territories successfully requires keen local knowledge. In this session, Rick is on site at our development in Georgia & brings in our local expert Lloyd Streit to talk about a new affordable twist into this once “custom only” build community. Some of the pros to […]

Airbnb Ground-up with Rick Melero

   If you’ve been following along our video series, you’ve learned that diversification and having multiple exit strategies help minimize risk. In this session, we focus on one of Rick’s favorite strategies, and one that investors from across the globe favor here in the U.S. Alliance partner John Rhodes of ICN Homes welcomes Rick […]

Inflation: You can run but you can’t hide

As the great migration takes place in the U.S. an interesting phenomenon is unfolding; migration is driving up inflation in the very cities people are migrating to. High inflation, including rising home prices, means the financial advantage of living in what are now relatively affordable places is likely to diminish. Atlanta is the 10th most […]

What will 2022 look like for real estate investors?

The past two years have been anything but “normal” for real estate investors, and many have learned to adapt or fear missing out. Several factors converged to create the “perfect storm” for a competitive real estate market leading into 2022. Low interest rates made homeownership more attractive to more buyers, and the low inventory helped […]

War Is Hell

It’s day 10 of our support efforts in Ukraine, and right now, as bombs fall and soldiers invade, tens of thousands are seeking provision and protection including impoverished children and orphans whose main hope is to survive. For the last 6 years HIS Capital Group has teamed up with Mission 823 to provide hope and […]

Top 12 Real Estate Market Predictions for 2022

The pandemic has caused an unexpected boom within the real estate industry. With remote work options turning a huge portion of the American workforce into homebuyers, sales went up and the numbers broke records. As quarantine restrictions ease up, the housing industry prepares for another year of exploring the pandemic’s impact on buyers and sellers. […]

The numbers are in: Extended stay hotels are a surefire investment!

Covid has certainly disrupted most every industry but out of the rubble this particular asset class is on the rise. They may not have buzzy nightclubs or champagne bubble baths like some hotels, but one analyst told The Wall Street Journal that, for investors, extended stays “print money.” At extended stay hotels… … guests typically […]

When Every Action has a Purpose

Each week the HIS Capital team meets to collaborate on the week ahead, realign our collective focus while receiving a generous dose of inspiration & motivation in the process.  In a recent Monday session hosted by our principals Rick Melero and Luis Roque the team was presented with the opportunity to impact a great many […]

How to Invest in US Real Estate with Little Money

 Introduction This post is taken from a discussion between Jos Aguiar of ACA Family Office Consultants and  our founder Rick Melero To recap for those that are visiting our website for the first time we are real estate development, investment and private money lending organisation that focusses predominantly on North American property markets. What […]