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The past two years have been anything but “normal” for real estate investors, and many have learned to adapt or fear missing out.

Several factors converged to create the “perfect storm” for a competitive real estate market leading into 2022. Low interest rates made homeownership more attractive to more buyers, and the low inventory helped elevate prices. The pandemic continued to impact the market in several ways, including an increase in working from home, an eviction moratorium, and a supply shortage.

Of course, while we don’t have a crystal ball, all the signs indicate the real estate market is inching toward “normal” as it appears nationally, we are back to pre-pandemic levels.

Many real estate investors and construction companies are breathing a sigh of relief and hoping that the period of multiple offers, contingency waivers, and record-high prices are finally in their rearview mirror in many of the hot spots.

From our view within the lending sphere, several assumptions and market trends indicate that the ‘wild ride’ is finally slowing down.

Those trends include:

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