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If you’ve been following along our video series, you’ve learned that diversification and having multiple exit strategies help minimize risk.

In this session, we focus on one of Rick’s favorite strategies, and one that investors from across the globe favor here in the U.S. Alliance partner John Rhodes of ICN Homes welcomes Rick to his new project site and gives us a tour of one of their luxury short-term vacation rentals near Disney. ICN Homes is the standard for luxury and comfort, pay attention as John shares what sets his products apart from the competition and keeps his properties occupied throughout the year.

You can read through the transcript of the video below:

Rick Melero: Hey guys, Rick Melero here again. As you guys know we have been talking specifically about multiple strategies that you can implement in the U.S. and most importantly as we have talked about the key here is diversification. So you have seen strategies regarding fix and flips, rental properties that are long term investments, commercial.

We have talked  about a host of strategies but one of my favorite strategies is being able to have the opportunity to also ground up construction projects because it opens so many opportunities for investors and today I’m here with my friend and builder John a reputable builder friend of mine that he’s to talk in just a minute about what he does and what he specializes in as a construction builder and what’s beautiful about this strategy guys is that not only can you build the cell you can also build the hold and begin to use the strategy of short term rental so with that said John why don’t you share a little bit about your company what you guys do and kind of what separates you and then we’ll start talking about some of the strategies we’re implementing together.

John Rhodes: Yeah, So we’re in ICN homes and you can find us at icnhomes.com we’re very happy to be partnering with Rick and the team on multiple projects we’re focused in three of our communities on the short term rental investor market. In and around Disney world we’re in the we’re and approved builder. So, we have lots of building going on and you’ll see some of that on the film. We’re also on Anna Maria island on the west coast of Florida. We’re building beach houses so that’s a great segment for the rental income buyer and then Asheville North Carolina we’re building mountain homes that you can do as a rental home so we’re plugged into mountain beaches and Disney world so that diversification and focus on where people are going.

Rick Melero: Absolutely that’s one of the key points you just mentioned there and actually I’m excited because we’re officially after all this time closing in some of the North Carolina properties that we’re building out there and again it’s also if you’re looking as an investor from another country and you’re trying to get into the U.S it’s also about finding out where the population is going where they’re vacationing especially if you’re going to implement a short term rental strategy.

The other thing that’s important too is being able to finish the properties correctly and that’s what I like about doing brand new construction is you’re kind of starting from scratch and you get to pick some of the selections that are going to set you apart what we wanted to do today is to take you to one of the higher end properties that is already finished and furnished and John was able to kind of guide the investor through the process of selections so that they can have not only a beautiful luxury home that they can benefit and enjoy but also oasis that they can actually rent on a regular basis in fact we’re lucky to be here today because they’re booked all the time and today happened to be the one day that they didn’t have any occupancy so we had the opportunity to tour the property so again before we talk more strategies what I want to do is just ask John to share with you what are some of the things that you did in this project to set it apart so that it would be such a marketable asset for these investors.

John Rhodes: So Rick in this house we put in the theme rooms that you guys will see the frozen room and the star wars room they also had enough room in the design to put a hidden playroom in the star wars room so that’s not perfect for every house but if you have the room that you can do it you really hook the kids in like i say if you hook the kids in the kids are happy they have a memorable experience people come back they don’t just come back to come to your property right so in this house we um, there’s lots and lots of upgrades to the theme room  and, just to give you one example this charger slash plug we’ve got a few of those around so people you know you’ve got a lot of devices you need to have the availability to charge everything  so you’ve got multiple stations to charge your phones you don’t think about that we’ve got the quartz countertops and then the furniture package is lovely that this house holds 28 people, so 28 people can have a family reunion, you can have a business meeting, go golfing  have some meetings, and there’s plenty of room to do everything you have two 20 person tables, a game room.

A lot of people put the game room in the loft area every house will have a loft for gaming so we usually put two game systems Xbox and the PlayStation depending on what the kids play you cover everybody’s bases and then this particular house has a third floor hot tub so you want heads and beds to get that rental income. So if you spend a little money to do the theme rooms it’s just all maths you have to do on the rental income.

Rick Melero: Yeah and what I like about this obviously we’ve got some other partners you work with that the entire house’s theme what I like about it is you still have a luxury home there’s a lot of high- end finishes right so that more executives are more drawn to this type of house but they also get to benefit from the actual amenities that you’ve also built into this place for the kids for example or the video games and also the movie room that we just looked at so I really love the balance in this property because it’s luxury it’s a place that I would want to bring my family to hang out but at the same time it’s got so many amenities that you know you’re going to have a huge demand and I noticed that the lot you selected here also happens to have some pretty cool access so again you were strategic with the lot location.

John Rhodes:   And some our houses are near the clubhouse so that people can walk or one minute ride to the gulf because this is reunions got three championship golf courses very golf centered but few minutes from Disney world.

Rick Melero: So it’s important to hit cover all the bases so as we recap we’ve gone to a piece of land that’s overlooking a beautiful golf course and talked about the strategies of what it takes we’ve gone and seen actual projects in hand that is being built in the process of construction and then we’ve shown you the actual completed finishes of a high quality project with an alliance partner of ours as you can see it’s all about being strategic being thoughtful and making sure that at the very end you have a solid product so as you being the investor are looking for ways to capitalize and leverage relationships this is the perfect vehicle for you to join us and be a part of projects just like this so we welcome you to join our group and be a part of the change.

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