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It’s day 10 of our support efforts in Ukraine, and right now, as bombs fall and soldiers invade, tens of thousands are seeking provision and protection including impoverished children and orphans whose main hope is to survive.

For the last 6 years HIS Capital Group has teamed up with Mission 823 to provide hope and basic necessities to children at risk. When Russia attacked our efforts became focused on the entire Ukraine nation.

This fellowship has also grown as Team Humanity has joined our teams on the ground providing shelter, transportation to safe zones, water filtration, food and clothing.  This morning we were contacted by a local volunteer whom we lost touch with and feared the worst.  Here’s a condensed transcript of our “dose of reality” chat via What’s App.  We’ve withheld his name for his protection.



Hey man we were worried about you my friend!


Yes yes our city was shelled today, so I also couldn’t respond… the thing is that I’m located right in the center of Ukraine, and it’s pretty far from the border. I personally brought some blankets the other day to our city defenders, because they also need them. The road traffic is so terrible that it takes more than 24 hours to get to the border, and now it’s probably even more.

I’m glad to hear that people from other countries are trying to help us, but to be honest, unfortunately the best-case scenario is if NATO could provide their air defense forces and, so to say, “protect our sky”, but that’s too much to ask, I know

What I’m trying to say is that Russia is taking advantage of our rather weak air defense and keeps shelling our cities, and it’s getting much worse. The whole country is practically living in bomb shelters, children are born there…


Yes, we’re seeing reports all over the media but hearing and seeing about it through your eyes and ears is like an arrow through my heart, but also compels us here with Mission 823 and Team Humanity to do as much as we can to provide support.


I understand that you’re working to provide some humanitarian support on the border, and sanctions are great, but they won’t stop the actual war. We understand why other countries can’t join us, because it may lead to the 3rd world war and all, but anti-aircraft stuff to work with would be nice…

No, we’re really looking forward to sanctions actually yielding some practical results for us, but for now the number of victims is only growing and will keep growing, because Belarus has joined the war today, and Putin feels like the clock is ticking for him, and he tries to do as much damage as he can right now. He will rush Kyiv these days to get what he wants, so that’s why we need military help ASAP.

My father joined the military, and he says that he’s running out of ammo, while Russia keeps sending its troops. You know what it means, right? No good…



No that’s certainly not a favorable outlook and we can only imagine what you’re going through brother. We’ll be praying your father remains out of harm’s way.  Thank you for sharing your heart with us brother


Well, that’s just my point of view of the situation and it’s kinda similar to other people’s opinions and all my friends who are scattered all over Ukraine right now feel the same.

This is what it looks like from the inside, and I just wanted to share it with an outsider who can potentially spread the word out. So, if you can, do it no pressure though. I mean, like you said, we met by coincidence, so I understand…..

Another thing that I can think of is that maybe you know some journalists who are interested in interviewing people who are here, experiencing the toils of war personally, or some media willing to publish an article written by someone who is in the heart of events, I’m open to any offers. I feel like it’s something that I could do to help my country and my father to survive.


Absolutely man with your permission we’re going to share this story and continue to raise awareness and provide support and pray for a swift end. Please keep in contact with us as best you can. God Bless

Together we can do so much more please consider a donation today.   The cost of a lunch can provide a portable water filtration unit to a family in need www.mission823.com/donate


“Next to creating a life the finest thing a man can do is save one.”

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