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Real Estate is a timeless wealth generator and has played a significant role in the world’s history and continues to do so in our daily lives. Our core mission @ HIS Capital Group is to influence and feed nations. Real estate investing fuels our purpose & provides us with the resources we need to make an impact and lasting difference in the lives of others at home and abroad.

As our Chief Hunger Hero Rick Whitted expresses in the video “it all begins with you”. Take a stand & make a difference in the life of a child, senior or family and join us on our journey to eradicate hunger with US Hunger.

Video Transcript

Rick: Hello everybody Rick Melero here with His Capital and today I am so excited because today I get to show you how we invest with purpose. That’s right today we are literally in the headquarters of U.S Hunger which is an organization that we are proud members of and what we’re so excited about is sharing with you how together we work with individuals like yourself to make a difference around the world. Now with that said one of the things that I want to start today is talking about the most important pieces that this organization is responsible for as they help people all over the world.

Now, here’s one of the things most people when they hear about the U.S hunger what they see and what they hear is about these incredible hunger projects where they get together these ordinary people with a vision to start packing meals and putting them together to ship the families. But what you don’t see is behind the scenes all the key elements that are important in order to actually put together a feat and a project that will manage over thousands and thousands if not millions of meals a year to be shipped off to other people.

So, today I want to take you behind the scenes so that you can get a closer look at what it takes to run this organization to make a difference so let’s come look.

Hey Ashley!


Ashley: Hey Rick!


Rick: Awesome! So obviously when we talk about putting an event together that’s going to make a difference. It takes a lot of strategy and planning and obviously you’re the one responsible for that so why don’t you share with the audience what it is that you do to strategize to make an event successful.


Ashley: I am a project manager here and I work with the client from start to finish and planning the project so everything from logistics working with the venue the volunteers coming the shipping, the timing of the project everything start to finish making sure that everyone feels comfortable and confident in the project that’s going to take place and then after that after I get all those details I pass it on to operations to actually do all the booking.


Rick: That is awesome both Ashley. Thank you so much for what you do. We really appreciate it and like you said you then hand it off to another team member so why don’t we go take a look and see what they’re doing.


Ashley: Yeah.


Rick: Hey! Matt. All right, how’s it going?


Matt: Good.


Rick: Hey guys so this next step is critical because if you think about it when we’re going to feed millions of people around the world it is important to be prepared and so matt why don’t you share with us exactly what it is that you do and how this organization prepares for projects like hunger projects we’ve been talking about.


Matt: Absolutely , so I work here on our operations team and what we do first in our warehouse as we go ahead and get everything prepped for our hunger projects as you can see right behind me. This beautiful wall of lentils is just where we store some of the food that we have going out to our hunger projects. It’s also where we go ahead and order all of our other supplies that we might need for our hunger projects from other food to our marketing supplies as well.

What I can do now is go ahead and show you what we do next to get prepared for our hunger projects.


Rick: Sounds good.


Matt: Right here’s where we’re packaging our full car boxes and getting those ready to be shipped out to families all across the country at absolutely no cost to our clients. Here we are in the other part of our warehouse. This is where everything happens for our hunger project to make sure that everything is all set up and all the correct supplies are sent out right here.

We have Bree in the back. She’s going to go ahead and get one of our assembly line kits ready and make sure that all the materials that are necessary for the hunger projects are going to be ready besides that we also have some tables along with some boxes and many other supplies that go out to the hunger project. Once all that is ready that gets shipped straight to our venue for the hunger project to happen.


Rick: Well, thank you so much for what you guys do to get these events put together in the right way so that we can make an impact. Speaking of that, let’s go directly to the actual itself.

 Hey Lilian!


Lilian: Hey!


Rick: Awesome so listen guys as we’ve talked about here we’ve talked about the importance in an organization to actually first plan we talked about the packaging and prepping and getting ready so that we can get to the big day which is today and today you’re going to share with us exactly what does it take to get this event together so that we can package meals that will make a difference so why don’t you share with us exactly what it takes.


Lilian: Yeah! Of Course this is where the fun begins so our events team will arrive and set up your hunger project and we are there to make sure you and your volunteers have the best experience possible. This is a high energy meal packing event. There’s fun, there’s games, there’s box races but most importantly you’re making a huge impact.


Rick Melero: So Lilian thank you so much for making such a difference and making the experience so special for those individuals that want to join us and making a difference now the most important piece hereis going out there and distributing the meals to those who have needs so let’s go.


Llilian: Let’s go.


Rick Melero: Hey Evan!


Evan: Hey!


Rick: So, here we are right this everything has led to this very moment where we actually get the meals from all these amazing people and now we get to distribute the meals so why don’t you share with everyone what it takes to distribute these meals so that we can make an actual impact.


Evan : Absolutely. We have an amazing opportunity with this food to work through a network of partners both here locally and internationally for instance  this year’s palette of food is going with what our local partners here in Orlando new hope church. New Hope Church specifically feeds haitian refugees here in the central Florida community and that’s just one example of the many distributions we have the opportunity to take care of in a year. This one palette represents a small donation we make containers for millions of meals throughout the year for families in need.


Rick: Evan thank you so much for what you do and the impact you guys make and obviously this particular package is going to go make a difference right now so why don’t we work together. Get these in the right van so that we can go out there make a difference.


Rick: Alright , so welcome back I am here with the C.E.O Rick the mighty man.

Right and so I am so excited right now because number one everyone in the audience has already had the opportunity to see behind the scenes. This is a project that nobody has ever really seen.

Did you see the big events where everybody ‘s out there packing meals but we had the chance to really show the world exactly what goes on, but I think in conclusion the most important thing to do is to really share the heart of what this really means and how people can be a part of joining us in making a difference around the world.


Rick Whitted: Well, Rick, first of all thanks to you and your organization. We truly appreciate what you do and you know folks got to see behind the scenes footage but the truth is that’s not even where it starts. It starts when someone’s sitting on the other side of that camera who’s listening to us now and they say you know I’m going to do something about hunger and today it ends here and whether it’s at their dinner table or where we started at our dinner table or they’re sitting.

You know in their office and they’re thinking about i’ve got to take a stand this is that’s where it starts that’s where it happens and so the impetus for everything else that they just saw started with them saying I’m gonna make a difference we’re gonna take a stand and I’m not gonna allow another kid, another senior, another family go hungry. That truly is that they’re the hero that’s why we call them hunger heroes.


Rick Melero: Absolutely and so in closing, guys I want you to encourage you and actually invite you into this journey to make a difference and live with purpose and that purpose is to change the lives of others who don’t have those resources who need food, the basic element that we need to survive. You can join us on this journey to make a difference.

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