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Private lender: Any non-depository individual or entity that primarily originates business-purpose loans secured by hard assets, generally real estate.

Hard money lender: A subset of private lender where creditworthiness is determined solely by the securing real estate collateral.

Correspondent lender: A subset of private lender where the closed loan is sold to investors.

Portfolio lender: A subset of private lender where the closed loan remains in the lender’s portfolio.

Fund manager: A subset of private lender where, depending on the fund structure, the deployed capital is sourced by offering exempted securities to accredited and occasionally non-accredited private investors.

Private investor: An individual or entity that seeks a return by deploying capital through a private lender or fund; the investor may or may not be named on the loan’s promissory note.

Private money broker: Any individual or entity that acts as an intermediary between a borrower and a private lender without directly originating the loan.

No matter where your money supply comes from remember these two nuggets:


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