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Just like little sisters steal their big sister’s clothes, sister cities across the country are stealing home buyers from their larger and nearby major metros. Many buyers and renters who will no longer be required to come to the office every day are flocking to these smaller metros for their affordability, desirability, and proximity to major hubs. What factors make sister cities appealing?

Sister cities offer:

As a result of these benefits, sister cities are seeing a lot of regional migration from residents who are leaving big sister complements. We expect this trend to continue as work-from-home permissions become clearer for many. We are not, however, forecasting a housing bust in the “big sister” cities, as these areas are more expensive for a reason – a great quality of life for those who prefer a higher density lifestyle. Unlike borrowed clothes in the little sister’s closet, the growing populations of the sister cities are more likely permanent.

by Devyn Bachman & Nicole Luszczak John BurnsReal Estate Consulting

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