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Unlike publicly traded real estate offerings, Reg A funds are illiquid investments where investors should expect to have their money locked up for years or face substantial fees to withdraw.

Management team expertise is a major factor when making an investment, that is even more true with Regulation A funds as they are turn-key meaning you simply invest, and they do the rest.  What is important to know is that unlike publicly traded investments, most private placements like this tend to have fees that the investor pays either out of pocket or the pool of investor capital pays to a manager.

Critical elements in determining which Fund may be the right fit for you:

Contrary to a REIT, what makes the Reg A Fund special is that you have an ownership position in the portfolio’s assets, rather than shares in a corporation, and it is open to both accredited and non-accredited investors alike.

While many Reg A Funds offer a lower entry point (some as low as a $5,000 minimum) your money will be invested long term often 5 years or more in return for a viable return and exposure to diverse strategies, assets, and asset classes.

Noah had his ARK to withstand the storms, Fund 3 investors now have theirs.  A diversified investment approach that performs in any economic climate call 407-347-6461 or visit https://hiscapitalgroup.com/fund3  to learn why investors across the globe love Fund 3.


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