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As I write this brief piece, the Stock Market, represented by the Dow Jones index has plunged over 1300 points from record heights.  While this represents about a 5% decline, it seems like a volatile way to prepare for retirement.  Meanwhile, stock pundits are encouraging calm – as the losses only represents half of the gain of the entire past year.  They say, “Don’t worry, it will come back – it always comes back.”

More than twenty years ago, I decided to roll my 401K plan into a self-directed IRA, and purchased my first piece of real estate.  Two decades later, with the power of NuView Trust, we represent well over one billion dollars of client directed retirement funds that have largely escaped the wild swings of the market. Our clients watch their online portals as the value of their assets change and the cash flows are recorded, all without taxation.  They prefer the returns and diversification of making their own choices, and the potential to purchase assets at under-market values (try purchasing stock at a discount – you can’t).

Imagine having saved for retirement and being fortunate enough to have one million dollars in your IRA.  Many people hate picking stock or mutual funds, so they choose an index fund that mirrors a major stock index, such as the Standard and Poor 500 or the Dow Jones Industrial index.  For the past year, those stocks have returned a cash dividend of 1.9% and 2.6% respectively.  This would mean that you would have to sell some of your stock each year unless you could live on $19,000 – $26,000 annually in your golden years.

Many NuView investors prefer to invest in higher cash generating investments, often being able to pass considerable wealth on to their heirs in their self-directed IRAs.  Frankly, their goal is to live on the cash flow, and not have to sell their principal – unlike their friends in the stock market.

Initially, the thought of investing to the beat of a different drummer may seem risky, that is, until you realize the volatility you will be giving up for the opportunities you may be missing with a self-directed IRA.

Contact us at 877-259-3256 to find out how a NuView Trust self-directed IRA can help you choose to retire well.


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