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Those who aspire to succeed in their craft/profession as well as life use the holidays to CHART A COURSE for the coming year.

Here are SIX QUESTIONS to ask yourself:

  1. Are your GOALS, PROCESSES, & HABITS specific & aligned with each other?
  2. Do you have the KNOWLEDGE & RESOURCES you need to propel yourself forward?
  3. Who are the people you can go for GUIDANCE to help you succeed?
  4. Have you ELIMINATED NEGATIVE CONDITIONS & PEOPLE in your life who have been holding you back?
  5. Are you consciously taking care of your PHYSICAL HEALTH with proper diet & exercise every day?
  6. How often do you PRAY, MEDITATE, & PRACTICE GRATITUDE to create an optimal state of mind?

I came across this interview with Ed Mylett and James Clear author of Atomic Habits that may be of value for creating/eliminating habits and becoming a better version of yourself.  One of the things I always find inspiring is that there really isn’t much difference between those that have achieved a high level of success vs those that have not. In fact, you’ll hear Ed basically say he is naturally lazy but succeeds in spite of himself because of the processes he’s put in place to combat his inherent nature. Grab a copy of James’ book Atomic Habits as well or catch it on Audible or Hoopla

check out the interview here

One crucial thing to remember and our colleague Steve Landaal whom we call Stevie Sunshine talks about this regularly:  Mindset doesn’t come pre-programmed into us. It’s as though our attitudes are like a car radio on “scan.” It’s constantly picking up signals from our environment and reflecting them back at us

Funny thing about mindset though: like a car radio, we can pick the station we want to listen to. But we must do it intentionally.

Unless you make an intentional choice to have a positive outlook, you’re letting your mood be dictated by whatever station is playing at the moment. Your desired outcome will be haphazard at best.

What are you going to do about 2022 and beyond?


Source:  Sam Ally VP Investor Relations HIS Capital Group  & Fund 3 www.hisfund3.com

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