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Financial and leading retirement experts such as Ed Slott, believe the latest publication from Wade Pfau is the most comprehensive and well-written personal financial guide ever published. And should be on the shelves of every financial planner & individual serious about their financial planning.

450 pages of specific detailed information unseen in any singular publication before it. That said, we wouldn’t recommend the guide to individuals who aren’t willing to devote the time to review the planning options presented and apply them to their own personal situation.

Acting as a caretaker for a loved one has lit a fire within me to ensure my potential future needs and that of my bride are in order.  This book discusses every facet of relevant issues we all will face such as, retirement risks, quantifying goals and assessing preparedness, sustainable spending from investments, annuities and risk pooling, Social Security, Medicare and health insurance, long-term care planning, housing decisions, tax planning, legacy and incapacity planning, and non-financial aspects.

Each chapter covers these subjects in detail and concludes with an action plan. Also included are sources for further study. I have used many of these sources and believe they are very reliable.

In the first chapter, Pfau offers readers the option to fill out a questionnaire and receive a free profile report that will help identify their retirement income style. You can do this prior to obtaining the book — visit www.risaprofile.com/guidebook. You can fill in the questionnaire and obtain your profile without cost or obligation.

After you fill out the questionnaire, you will receive feedback regarding your retirement income style. I did so and received feedback quickly, which I found useful and accurate.

Here is a brief rundown of some of the material covered:

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Special thanks to our friend Elliot Raphaelson

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