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The song “stuck in the middle with you” is playing in the background (if you’re an AARP card carrier you’ll get it) as I write this brief.  A dozen years and a heck of a growth spurt later since the carnage of 2008 and here we are back in in the middle of uncertainty. However, unlike ’08, no one could have seen Covid coming. Right? It is said that through hindsight we gain perspective and insight. Presumably because you actively remember and analyze the situation that took place and run “what if” and “should have” scenarios on what you might have done differently. Another way to put it would be you continue torturing yourself over the unalterable past.

I was a year shy of mile marker #50 on the road to retirement bliss and “bam” like a Mike Tyson left hook and right uppercut, fifty percent of my 401K was history.  Ironically, I was getting my feet wet in the real estate investment world at the time, learning how important it was to identify alternatives to the stock market rollercoaster.  I also learned that it was not the first nor would it be the last time economic tragedy would rear its ugly head.

So, here’s a few nuggets of Sam’s hindsight and learned insights:

A couple additional thoughts come to mind. In 2012 when we began private lending, the proverbial lightbulb went on & I realized what it meant to be at the top of the food chain within an industry. And finally, the importance of having a seasoned team that is successfully navigating thru its fifth full real estate cycle is experience you cannot buy.

When we’re in a bull market we are typically caught up in the euphoria of earnings, but when in a bear market and we see our portfolios drop frequently panic mode sets in.  And when we panic, we often make foolish short-term decisions with long term adverse effects.  Do your future self a favor, make the time to plot a course, to learn more about the velocity and movement of money, and most of all, identify a hedge against market conditions to not only off-set losses but to grow your nest egg.

Talk to us about our passive options that will help insulate you from market turbulence and give you some peace of mind.  877-452-6569 x103

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