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Nothing beats an old-fashioned book when it comes to learning the specifics about personal finance

Like being told to eat your vegetables, financial books are a tough sell to make it to your reading list.  But who says brushing up on your financial I.Q. should be torture? Wall Street has always portrayed themselves as high above our pedestrian pedigrees and that the movement and management of your money is better for you when it’s in their hands. We most certainly disagree and offer up 3 team favorites that we feel should be part of your library.  Unless of course you agree with them.  This is required reading that won’t feel like its required. Promise!

“Why Wall Street Matters” 

Author William Cohan presents an easy-to-read breakdown of the inner workings of financial institutions.  After writing about the Bear Stearns debacle in 2008 he pens this entry with a defense of Wall Street with the understanding while far from perfect they do more good, than harm. Perhaps a necessary evil you decide.

The Devil’s Financial Dictionary”

If you read the Wall Street Journal (not a plug) you’re familiar with columnist/author Jason Zweig. In similar fashion to his Intelligent Investor column, Zweig rails on the bureaucrats that served up freakish risks, exploding mortgages and banks too big to fail.  Looking through the lens of the author and his financial industry knowledge and expertise, Zweig breaks down the arrogance and pomposity of Wall Street and puts it all into perspective for the layman.

“Make your bed: Little things than can change your life…and Maybe the World”

This is one to share with the graduate since we’re fairly certain that they saw Admiral William H. McRaven, and the 2014 commencement speech gone viral.  Yep, the leader of the 2011 Navy Seal raid that culminated with the death of Osama Bin Laden has penned this great read. If you saw the video and it home, you’ll love this book. If you haven’t seen the video yet here’s the short version https://youtu.be/LoKdCqgiSVY

Creating a sound financial plan is different for everyone. The common theme, however, is compound interest and a hedge to offset the volatility of Wall Street. Passive income via tangible assets provides an exceptional hedge.  We’re not anti-Wall Street, we’re pro diversification and created a hedge for investors to enjoy the tranquility and confidence that our Fund 3 provides investors from across the globe. Visit www.hisfund3.com and learn how you can enjoy the benefits of a preferred return and 50% split of the Funds profits.


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